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Here is the topic Greetings & Name as a SAMPLE. You will find everything that you would get if you subscribe!

This topic is about greetings and introduce yourself in Spanish. Children will learn how to greet people according to gender but also according of the right time of the day. They will learn how to ask and say how they are feeling. They will learn how to ask someone’s name and say their name. This topic will last 3 weeks (1 hour lesson per week).

It includes:
– 3 Powerpoint presentations
– 1 lesson plan
– 2 lesson sheets ( Greetings and Name) with all the key vocabulary
– 1 HA worksheet (Assessment)
– 1 LA worksheet (Assessment)
– 1 answer sheet for worsheets
– 1 Card game to laminate
– 1 word search
– 2 Smart board activities ( Smart Notebook software)

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