Q: What payment methods do you accept for Mr French?
A: We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for solo subscriptions, via Stripe.

For School Subscriptions, we can also accept a credit or debit card via Stripe. We recognize most schools do not have a credit card so subscriptions can be purchased by invoice. If your school does have a credit card, this can be specified when you inquire.

Q: What currencies do you accept?
A: We are currently only able to bill you in GBP if your debit or credit card is in another currency our credit card processor (Stripe) will do a currency conversion at today’s exchange rate. Easy!

Q: After payment do I get instant access?
A: Yes! We pride ourselves on having instant access. As soon as your payment has been authorized by our credit card processor (Stripe) the username and password you picked during signup becomes active.

Q: How long do Mr French subscriptions last?
A: By default, our subscriptions run for a full year and they expire on the same day your set the subscription up. Once you have a subscription you can manage it via our account management service.

Q: I’ve seen promotional discount codes online are these legitimate?
A: Yes from time to time we have a promotional discount if you have one of these codes you can enter it at the time of payment. If you don’t currently have a code keep an eye out on our facebook page or instagram page until then you can signup here.

Q: Is your site mobile compatible?
A: Yes the site is  mobile and tablet compatible for most Apple and Android devices. There are known compatibility issues with some Windows tablets and this can be rectified by using Google Chrome or Firefox on your Windows-based tablet. To view certain file types on mobile you may require extra software (for more details on this please see above).

Got your account but have a question?
Q: How do I download a resource?
A: Resources can be downloaded by right-clicking on the PDF or ZIP icon contained within the resource. You should be prompted to ‘Save Target As’ if using windows or ‘Save Link As’ if you are using an Apple Mac. The resource should then download to your default download location. If you have any issues downloading please see our ‘I can’t seem to download a resource’ section below.

Account Problems
Q: I’m having trouble logging in
A: In most cases, your email address will be your username. If you have forgotten your password please use our forgotten password page located here. If after resetting your password you can’t log in please contact our customer support.

If you have a school subscription please contact your school administrator for your login details.

Q: I’m not getting emails from MrFrench.uk
A: There are many reasons why an email might get lost in the ether, luckily we’re here to help.

The most common problem with emails going missing is that they’re simply sitting in your junk or spam folders, please check here for any missing mail. You can add support@mrfrench.uk to your address book to stop emails going to spam.

If you need to update your email address you can do this by contacting us or heading to your account page located here.

If you have just signed up and not received your confirmation please contact our customer support.

Q: I think my school is blocking Mr French emails.
A: Some school emails are set up to block certain content. Sometimes this can go wrong and incorrectly block emails from Mr French by accident. If you think our emails are being blocked by your school please contact your IT department or our tech support on your personal email so we can reply.

Q: I would like to update my email address or personal information you hold on me
A: To update or view any of the information we hold on you including your email address or password, please visit our account page.

Q: How can I renew my account?
A: If your subscription is ending soon you can renew it now by clicking here . If your subscription has already expired you can renew it using the link sent to you via email on the day it expired or by visiting this link (you must be logged in to renew).

If you have any issues please contact our support.

Q: I need a receipt for my payment
A: We provide receipts via Email but if you need another copy please contact our customer support and we can make this available for you.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: Your subscription will just expire if it is not renewed. However, you won’t be refunded.

Technical Questions
Q: I can’t seem to download a resource
A: First of all, please check to see if you are signed in to the website, you can log in here. You can check the status of your account to make sure it is active by clicking on the ‘Account’ button in the top right-hand corner and by clicking on ‘Subscription’ – if you have an active account you will see a green ‘Active’ next to your subscription. If your subscription is no longer active you can signup here.

Q: I am logged in but still can’t download a resource
A: Many issues with downloads are caused by internet browsers being out of date. Many schools set Internet Explorer as the default browser for the internet. Internet Explorer is an outdated browser that is no longer updated or supported by Microsoft. If you are having an issue downloading a file we first suggest you use another browser and see if this rectifies the problem.

Google Chrome [Download here: [Windows][Mac][Android] [iPad]
Mozilla Firefox [Download here: [Windows][Mac][Android][iPad]

*If you have any trouble installing this software on your school computer please contact your IT Support

Q: .. it’s still not working!
A: Many of our resources are PDF, ZIP and Powerpoint files. Most newer operating systems and tablets will automatically support these files but if you’re on an older operating system such as Windows 7 you may need to make sure you have a newer browser (see above) and then some extra (free!) software.

To open ZIP files you can use the following software:
[Download here: [Windows][Mac] [Android][iPad]

To open PDF files you can use the following software:
[Download here: [Windows][Mac][Android][iPad]

*If you have any trouble installing this software on your school computer please contact your IT Support

Q: Can I talk to someone about technical problems?
A: Please contact our tech support team at support@mrfrench.uk and we’ll be happy to help, please detail what browser you are using along with what operating system you use (windows, mac, iOS etc).