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Mrs Spanish

About the author:

Bonjour! I’m a French native speaker and I’ve been a French teacher in several primary schools in the UK. Some of my pupils called me Mr French! I have a Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language. I have been teaching French in primary schools since 2012! Ever since I started, I have created my own resources, cartoons and lesson plans. All my lessons have been tried and tested on my pupils, who have always enjoyed them a lot! With Mr French learning French becomes fun!

About Mrs Spanish:

As I have studied Spanish for 7 years , I have decided to put my French lessons into Spanish! One of my best friends is Spanish so she’s working with me on the resources ! For now only “Y3” and “Y4/Y5/Y6 Beginners” resources are available. The other year groups’ resources will be available next year, sorry!

About the method:

Mrs Spanish is a learning method for children starting age 7 (Year 3/2nd Grade). This method makes children discover, play, sing, move, think and interact with each other (and with the teacher!). The 5 skills, (listening, understanding, speaking, writing and reading) are all present. With cute and happy cartoons, the topics are adapted for children and motivate them to learn Spanish while having fun! The lessons are made for teachers who speak Spanish but also those who don’t! The lesson plans are very easy to follow and the audio sounds of the vocabulary are embeded in the power points! There are lots of repetitions but it is necessary when children learn a new language! Each week you will review what have previously been done so that children won’t forget what they have learnt! Your colleagues and head teachers will be impressed to see what all the children can say in Spanish after only one year! I guarantee you that your pupils will enjoy learning Spanish and learn a lot! You won’t be disappointed!

About the lessons:

I’ve created my own resources following the British curriculum for MFL, even though it is quite vague to what topics children are supposed to do in each year group! I have done lots of research and after 6 years of trial, I have finally organised the year groups topics according to what I believe is appropriate (ability wise). You will have access to my scheme of work and there are around 9-10 topics per year group to last the school year with other topics such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s day! Each topic varies between 1 – 6 powerpoints, which will last 45 min- 1 hour each (As MFL is supposed to be between 45 min and 1 hour per week in the British Curriculum). You will use songs from Youtube, play lots of games and activities to reinforce vocabulary.

You only need 4 things:

  1. An interactive whiteboard or projector (a must!)
  2. A newer version of Office PowerPoint (the old version can’t read the sounds properly)
  3. Internet (for the online songs)
  4. A laminator (to laminate some card games sometimes)

I will add resources little by little in the website every week. Make sure to like my facebook page to have updates: www.facebook.com/MrFrench.uk

In each topic you will have:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • One lesson plan
  • One lesson sheet (with all the key vocabulary – for the children to stick in their books)
  • One HA worksheet (assessment for Middle Ability and Higher Ability children)
  • One Lower Ability worksheet (assessment for Lower Ability children)
  • One word search
  • Card games to laminate (often)
  • Audio clips (in the powerpoints to help you learn/pronounce the words)
  • Smart board activities (Smart Notebook software but if you don’t have it, the activities are also in the PowerPoints)

Download the free Sample and you will see exactly what you’ll get if you subscribe!!

You will also have access to my Scheme of work, Progress ladders, Spanish Charts and Awards! I will also give you some tips to have successful Spanish lessons!

If you are a school, please contact us!

Mr French & Mrs Spanish